Benefits of Foster Parenting

  • Provide care for a child in need.
  • Assist a family in the process of reunification.
  • Attend monthly support groups and network with other foster parents.
  • Monthly stipend and medical benefits to assist with the foster child’s expenses.


Foster Parenting Options

This is a wonderful way to support resource families and foster children, and provide the time they may need to maintain a healthy family. By becoming an approved babysitter, you are available to resource parents on a regular basis to provide babysitting support.

Respite Care is an opportunity for families to support each other in a time of need. This service is utilized to help maintain the placement and allows the child’s family to have time for either self-care or family emergencies. Being a respite care family is a wonderful way to support full-time foster families, help ensure secure placements for foster children, and connect with many children while maintaining a more flexible schedule. Respite care can be provided from a few hours up to two weeks.

As a resource parent you provide a child a safe place to live and heal while their family of origin accomplishes the goals outlined by the court. The primary goal of foster care is reunification with the child’s family of origin. Foster care serves as a bridge between brokenness and the restoration of the family unit. Some people provide foster care for a short time period, 3-6 months, while others provide care for up to a few years.

Foster to adopt parents are families who choose to foster children while waiting for the opportunity to adopt a child from the foster care system. Should reunification with a child’s family of origin not be an option, then the resource family is offered the possibility of adoption.

Comprehensive Services Offered to Our  Families

  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Training for biological children of foster parents
  • Assistance with arrangement of respite care for foster children as needed
  • Facilitation of support group meetings
  • Three to Four visitations a month by a Serenity social worker
  • 24-hour/7 days emergency assistance
  • Inclusion in formulation of child’s treatment plan and assistance in implementation
  • Social/recreational family activities (agency picnics, holiday celebrations)
  • Positive foster parent recognition


What Foster Parents Say:

From a family with biological children:
“As a result of fostering, our biological children became the defenders of the foster kids who were teased at school.”

From a family with a college-age daughter:
“Our daughter wanted to become a social worker after our fostering experience.”

From a family that made the decision to foster:
“Who is going to step forward and do it if we don’t?”