Q.  Do I have to become a foster parent to adopt through foster care?

A. Yes, every adoption that Serenity does is Adoption through Foster Care. This means that you are Dually Certified at the onset for both foster parenting and adoption. We do not certify families for adoption only.

Q.  How often do children in the foster care system need adoptive homes?

A.  According to statistics collected by Serenity over the past several years, it seems that about 25-30% of children that enter the foster care system are unable to reunify with their biological parents or birth family members, and are in need of adoptive homes. If a child is unable to reunify, adoption is the best and most permanent option for a child.

Q.  Are there ever children available for adoption that are ‘safe surrendered’ or relinquished?

A. Not often. These situations are extremely rare and unlikely in the foster care system.

Q.  How long will I care for a child before I know if they are ‘adoptable’?

A. It is very likely that a foster child will need your love and care for 18 months to 2 years before the court and county have made a decision about permanency. During your journey, your Serenity social worker will share what they know about the possible outcome of your foster child’s particular case (ie., reunification, placement with relatives, or adoption); however, they cannot make any guarantees.

Q. What is the home study and what is its purpose?

A.  The Adoption Home Study is a state-required, thorough assessment of you, your spouse or partner (if applicable) and any children and/or residents living in your home, conducted in order to certify you for foster care and adoption. The purpose of the home study is two-fold. It is both evaluative and educational. First, our goal is to understand who you are and how you have evolved as a person. Secondly, we aim to educate and prepare you and your family for the journey of foster care and adoption.

Q. How long does certification take?

A. On average, from start (the Prescreen Interview) to finish (approval of your Home Study) most families are certified in about 4 months. Some families take longer than others in submitting paperwork or attending certification classes and that’s okay. We will work alongside you, whatever your time frame.

Q. How soon after certification will we get a call about a child placement?

A. That depends on many factors. Most families who are very open to children of varying ages, genders and ethnicities, as well as level of need, will get a call very quickly; usually within a couple days to a week of certification. Families that are more specific in their focus or are looking exclusively for ‘adoptable’ children, tend to wait longer for a placement call. This is due to the goal of the state, county, courts and Serenity to pursue family reunification efforts first.