Every child deserves to feel the love and security of a forever family. If a child is unable to reunify with their biological family, adoption can be that beautiful gift. Adoption through foster care is an exciting and rewarding journey, filled with sacrifices and great joys.

The initial goal of Serenity Adoptions is to prepare families for foster and adoptive parenting by conducting an Adoption Home Study before a family is certified. When the court makes an adoptive decision for a child, we partner with existing foster parents as they transition from the foster care system into adoptions.


Our Adoptions team provides services throughout a family’s journey, with training, education, emotional support, and knowledge of the adoption process. Our team walks your family through each phase, providing guidance and understanding as you transition from foster care to adoption.

Along with ongoing agency support groups that meet several times a month, Serenity Adoptions provides training to our parents to specifically address post-adoption needs. Our Post-Adoption Toolkit Training is offered yearly and covers the following topics of interest:

  • Attachment
  • Identity Issues
  • Transracial Adoptions
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Developmental Delays
  • Post-Adoption Depression
  • Search and Reunion
  • How to answer adoption-related questions